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So what is a great new park without a great new design. And part of being a community project is getting community input on a design, enter the Dot-Mocracy... a process where the community, over a number of days will have a chance to put dots on photos of equipment they would love to see in the park.

Our first start is Bookland School, not exactly in the Northend but it is the school stomping grounds for all of the Northend children. So this week we will be going into the school and all the children will have a chance to put there make on the design.

We will also be visiting some of the local adult stomping grounds with our Dot-Mocracy posters, the Beanbank Cafe, Northend Boxing Club, and the Royal Canadian Legion to name a few. That way we can get some input from the adults who fancy getting out and enjoying themselves.

And to get the input of those who we don't come accros in our travels, or have moved out of the old stomping grounds but still get back from time to time, we have launched what we are calling a Like-Mocracy. Visity our Facebook page, visit the Dot-mocracy photo album (, and "Like" the equipment you would love to see in the park.

We hope to have the equipment chosen and design started by the end of April, so speak up and be have you say.

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