The Love is Overwhelming

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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out on Sunday to help with the Northend Change Drive and all the special people we met along the way. Many had their change ready for us, some pulled up in their cars just to drop it off, others came running down the street after us because they found another purse they forgot about. Just two hours and we have a tub filled so much we can barely lift it (total to follow).

If you didn't catch us during the change drive it is not too late. You can donate on line or find one of our donation cans during the Great Northend Yard Sale, June 23.

A few other developments That have come around: 
  • We have a resident who sold her old washer and is donating the proceeds to the park.
  • A group at the University recently held a conference focusing on "life after industry and turning communities around and helping them move forward" decided, instead of spending the money on conference favours, they are going to give all conference profits after expenses to the park project.
  • Many residents who have registered for the Great Northend Yardsale have stated they are going to donate some or all of their proceeds made that day to the park.
And we would like to welcome some of our local businesses who have come on as project sponsors:

  • Casino Nova Scotia, Sydney
  • City Printers
  • McKenzie College Sydney
  • Wentworth Perk Coffee House

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