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Sorry we haven't sent an update in a bit but our heads have been swimming with getting quotes, approving designs, and scheduling construction meetings.

Looks like Sept 8, our Build Day, is going to be quite the party. We have Governors Pub and Eatery supplying lunch and Seaside Sound supplying some tunes for the afternoon. Make sure you get your friends to register for build day and join in the fun and rewards of the day.

We have a great event coming up, it includes one of a kind, hand painted umbrellas being auctioned off and live music. Looks like it is going to be late August but we are still finalizing details.

Thanks to the input of you, the community, we have decided to include adult outdoor exercise equipment into the park design. With a high concentration of seniors and students in the neighborhood we thought free accessible exercise equipment would be a great addition. No more heading down to the hot sweaty gym or scraping together the money needed to pay for a membership.

Thanks to everyone's generosity and hard work over the past several months, our account now has nearly $16000 in it with about 100 pounds of pennies left to roll from the change drive and a few major grants which we have some commitments for but are waiting to clear the red tape on. Match that from LTBK and you have $32000. We look to be right on target. That doesn't mean you can relax though, every dollar counts... in fact, every dollar counts as two.

I know you usually would like to hear the good new but I would like to pass this on also... We applied to Imperial Oil for a grant given to communities effected but them. And they, who have 6 giant tanks scaring ar eheighbourhood and drive truck through every day, all day, have denied us a single dime.

If you would like to make a donation you can do so on this site using PayPal.

There is also an opportunity to immortalize a loved one in the park. If you would like to make a memorial donation of $250 or more, we will add a plaque to the park with the name of your choice to the plans!

We would like to thank all of you for registering on the site and coming forward as individuals who want to be part of this great project.

We would like to thank all the great artists who have volunteered to paint umbrellas for our auction and businesses who have come forward to volunteer services and time for the Build Day or other events.

It is a big project and many hands are needed, so please encourage your family, friends and fellow co-workers to register as well.

It is sure to be a great day.

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