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So we are well on our way to building a park. Well, we are well under way to "planning" to build a park.

Last month we had a dot-mocracy day at the local School and had over 400 dots on our posters letting us now what the children of the area want to see in the Northend Park. That information was sent off and we should be receiving a playground design ANY DAY NOW.

With that design will come the dollar amount for the design which was chosen by the children who will untimely use the park. With that dollar amount comes our goal for money need to raise to give the children what they so rightfully want and need in a park.

The build committee have also been meeting and planning some great events which will be starting up ANY DAY NOW. These events include the Great Northend Yardsale, an auction with a surprise twist, and a Door to Door Fill the Wagon campaign. Along with these events we will be busy knocking on doors, filling out grants, and telling the story of the Northend Park Project to help round up volunteers for the build. If you have some connections you think would help, would love to help with any of what we have told you about, or just want to give something back, let us know and we will put you to work... ANY DAY NOW.


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